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April 3rd, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Started: 18:05


          Members: Brandon Schmidt, Gary Swiss, Greg Smith, Jeff Williams, Alan Dragoo, Gaston Motola.

          Guests: Steve Williams (Gents/Thrifty Auto Car Show)

                                        June 9th Thrifty Auto $15 open car show, see Tin Errigat's Facebook Page or Gents Facebook Page. Can waive booth fee for us, Registration 8am-10am.

Secreatary's Report: Last Minutes Approved, Correct Alan's Name.

Treasurer's Report: No Change, $10 next Month to State

PNW: Winter Convention - Jeff went to the March Board Meeting 03.11.18, not a lot about Eastern Washington. Region 4 is having a "Newbie Run" this is something we should do.

                                           Finance Report, if you want to read it, please see Jeff.

                                          Next Meeting is June 6th, and Fall Meeting August 8th 2018.

                                          Winter Convention Feb 9th, 2019 in OceanShores, WA. 

                                         Riverside ORV 100% funded. Moose will call Jeff once he has Materials to fix the fence.

                                                - Campgrounds at 7-mile? Seek letters of support, for more info see Jeff.

Old Business: Handed out PNW Cards.

New Business: 

          WA: No new info on Colville National Forest.

                   Jeff met with Rockstar Wheelers, Roster sent in paid Memebers --> Board membbers Joined PNW.

          ID: Still There.

Runs and Announcements: RockStar Wheelers Show and Shine June 14th (We should participate).

                                           RockStar Wheelers Hopped Up Car Show June 30th 2018 at Hopped Up Brewery, benefits meals on wheels

                                          Moses Lake Sand Dunes Clean-up 04/27/2018

                                         Car Show and Shine, July 4th, 2018 Suncrest WA

                                          Friend from Kettle Falls is willing to take us up to play, plan a trip before it dries out.

Meeting Ajourned 18:41

Service May 20th 2018 from 3:30-6:00PM at the TumTum Community Center for Gwen's Mother.